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Assyria and the Paris peace conference
Perhaps the most significant contribution in the following pages is the collection of the...
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A Collection of Writings on Assyrians
David B. Perley
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Gabriel Afram
Gabriel Afram
Den vise faderns arv
Fehmi Bargello
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Gabriel Afram
Farväl välkommen hem
Marina Andersson
Awiqam d bet qaleta
Yoel Abrohom Babo
A Soviet Assyrian in India
Nadya davidova
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Teshcitho dhaye d Yuhanon Dolabani
Tigris Press
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Gabriel Afram
Abdulmesih Qarabashi
S:t Augins biografi
Sometime in the early 300s came a Christian monk from the island of Qluzma at the Red Sea in...
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Wocuh serianiye
Josef Asmar
Aturaya Khata
Ninos Aho
Dr Melek
Demir Aho